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National Hugging Day: Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

A lot of times when we talk about improving a relationship, it’s automatically assumed we’re speaking about romantic ones.

Well, not in this article.

Finding out ways to improve any relationship are tools that you can implement no matter if it’s platonic or romantic. Whether you’re looking to become closer to your uncle that moved to Texas or just want to work on your listening skills when disagreements spring up, they’re applicable to any type of relationship and situation.

  1. Commit to reaching out on a routine basis. Life gets in the way, but a little extra goes a long way when trying to reconnect with long lost friends or family. Often times, when a person sees you putting in an effort to work on a relationship, they’ll pick up tools as well, and you’ll both be wondering what took you so long.

  2. Always be present and patient. Every relationship will see its serious disagreements, so it’s important that you treat each one with care. While the resolution to it may be “agree to disagree”, the approach that you get to that ending is of utmost importance. Are you making eye contact? Are you letting the person finish their thoughts? If you’re courteous and thoughtful in your disagreements, they don’t become so crippling.

  3. Be sure to say, “I love you.” In a world where being apathetic and disconnected is considered cool, it’s important to never take your loved ones for granted.


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