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Unlock Bold Change™with Executive Coaching Solutions

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In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, industry disruptions, and the personal challenges that accompany high-achieving executives and business owners, the need for executive and leadership coaching has never been more essential. Organizations and leaders are facing multifaceted circumstances that require continuous personal and professional development, adaptation, and innovation to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic world. 


Many business owners, executives, and leaders are struggling with self-doubt, uncertainty, and stress, and are seeking tools and strategies to help them gain confidence, sharpen their leadership skills, improve employee retention, increase productivity, performance, and profitability, and achieve individual and organizational objectives.

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Identifying the Key Leadership Challenges 

Self-doubt &
Lack of Confidence 

97% of successful leaders have questioned a critical aspect of their leadership.

Source: Robin Pou and research partner Gradient

Employee Stress

Workplace stress is estimated

to cost American businesses up to $300 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare costs.

Uncertainty & Distrust

Only 40% of leaders reported their company to have high-quality leaders, reflecting a 17% drop from two years before and the biggest decline in a decade, putting current leadership quality ratings nearly on par with those in the wake of the 2007-2008 economic crisis

Source: DDI

Low Employee Retention

 93% of organizations are concerned about employee retention.

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their professional development, but only 26% of employees say their organization challenges them to learn a new skill.

Source: LinkedIn 

Executive Coaching with Coach Monique is a customizable solution to the most significant challenges facing business owners, executives, and leaders today, and its benefits are supported by extensive research.
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benefits of executive coaching

Enhanced Confidence

 80% of professionals who receive coaching say their self-confidence and self-esteem improved thanks to coaching.

Source:  LinkedIn

Improved Well-Being

Nearly 75% of coaching clients report that coaching helps them improve relationships, work/life balance, wellness, and communication skills.

Increased Performance

The ICF reports a 50% increase in team performance and a 48% increase in organizational performance following the implementation of Executive Coaching.

High ROI

Companies that invested in Executive Coaching experienced a mean ROI of 7 times the initial investment, with over 25% reporting an ROI ranging from 10 to 49 times the cost.

Source:  PwC

By fostering a culture of continuous Learning and Development (L&D), organizations empower employees to embrace change, experiment with new ideas, and drive innovation. Investing in employees' personal and professional growth cultivates a workforce that is adaptable and forward-thinking, which are essential qualities for staying competitive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

how coach monique can help

Coach Monique takes an innovative approach to Executive Coaching that is based in Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence. Utilizing her twelve trademarked and proven tools and techniques, as well as an Emotional Intelligence Profile and GE Executive Assessment, Monique is dedicated to helping her clients achieve powerful results with valuable tools and strategies.


​Rather than addressing the client’s concerns- anxiety and lack of confidence for example- at surface level, Coach Monique delves deeper to uncover the root causes of these issues. Recognizing that personal challenges often spill over into professional life, she helps her clients tackle their struggles at the source, leading to remarkable results in both their personal and professional lives.

Coach Monique's two decades of first-hand experience as a business owner and executive, paired with her personalized coaching approach and integration of Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence, constitutes her proven formula for facilitating meaningful change- empowering her clients to Unlock Bold Change™ across all areas of their lives.


Read more about Executive Coaching and Coach Monique's Executive Coaching Packages.

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Begin Your Journey to Success

Are you ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilling professional life? Reach out to Coach Monique today to explore our Executive Coaching options and find the perfect fit for your personal, team, and/or organizational goals. With Coach Monique's expert guidance and unwavering support, you can build a solid foundation for your team and organization's success. Start your journey with Coach Monique now and let's Unlock Bold Change™ - together.
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