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Maximize Your Sports Performance with RTT Hypnotherapy + Coaching

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Hypnotherapy Coaching Remotely

What is RTT?

RTT Hypnotherapy is an award winning hybrid form of hypnotherapy developed by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer. RTT combines the most effective forms of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy to produce rapid results.

When RTT began gaining recognition in the UK nearly a decade ago, I started researching this new innovative approach to hypnotherapy that was claiming to provide rapid results for issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, low confidence, and relationship struggles.

I immediately saw the value in RTT and recognized that it was now the most effective form of hypnotherapy available. In 2016, I traveled to London to train personally with Marisa Peer at the Imperial College of London. After rigorous training, I graduated as the third certified RTT Therapist from the United States. Among myself in the program were doctors, therapists, and other highly qualified professionals with experience helping people overcome their emotional issues.

At that time, I had been using hypnotherapy in my coaching business for over 15 years.

Today, the qualifications to become RTT certified have shifted. There are multiple levels of training from a practitioner to therapist and there is no barrier to entry to training, meaning that regardless of previous experience or education, you can take the courses. The vast majority of people who partake in the training today are doing it as a side hustle and don’t run a professional practice.

I have hundreds of hours of training and have worked with hundreds of clients in my 20 years as a life coach. When looking for an RTT Therapist, it’s important to be sure that the therapist is not only certified in RTT, but has experience working in the fields of coaching or other professions who understand human psychology and how it impacts behavior.

It’s also important to note that standalone RTT sessions are not effective and anyone who tries to tell you that nearly any issue from trauma to depression and more can be overcome in one to two sessions is either misinformed or misleading. While RTT is a powerful tool, effective outcomes require a more holistic approach.

That’s why I use RTT as a tool rather than a standalone technique and don’t typically begin RTT with a new client until about the third or fourth session. By then, the client and I have established a trusting relationship and they feel comfortable and relaxed going into the hypnosis. I have also gained an understanding of the issues they are dealing with as well as their family history and past experiences, which helps guide the questions I ask, optimizes the RTT session, and produces rapid, sustainable results.

Read more about RTT and what makes an RTT Therapist here.

How can RTT + Coaching improve your sports performance?

As an athlete, you know that mindset plays a significant role in how you play your game. On days when you feel limited, negative, or a lack of confidence, you likely don’t perform as well as you do on days where you are motivated, confident, and empowered.

RTT Hypnotherapy works by allowing you access to your subconscious mind and the thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and interpretations of past experiences that are stored there, which creates an opportunity for mental and emotional transformation and expansion.

Often, you are not even aware of which thoughts and beliefs are keeping you stuck and causing emotional issues. Until you gain awareness of those thoughts and beliefs, you cannot do anything about them because you can’t do something about something you’re unaware of. I like to say, “It’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that runs the show.” Once the awareness is gained, behaviors will naturally and organically begin to improve, inevitably creating change in your life.

Throughout my 20 years as a life coach and nearly 10 years as a certified RTT therapist, I have worked with professional athletes including NFL players, Olympic athletes, and professional golfers and used RTT as a powerful tool to successfully maximize their performance.

I recently had an LPGA golfer named Jamie who was referred to me by one of her coaches who sensed some hesitancy when playing in major competitions. In the very first session, she confided in me that she felt judged and was concerned with how people were perceiving her strokes and how she approached the ball, and that anxiety about being watched hindered her game.

Through our work together, we identified that she had felt like an imposter, which resulted in her judging herself as someone who didn’t belong and made her believe other people were perceiving her as someone who didn’t belong. From the very beginning, I suspected this was the case because she only seemed to struggle in the biggest tournaments… She struggled there because she didn’t feel like she belonged there.

Jamie gained awareness, faced her imposter syndrome head on, and was able to shave meaningful strokes off her golf game.

Like anything in life, our mindset greatly affects how we behave and perform, whether it be in sports, at work, or in our own personal relationships. You must change your mindset to change your life.

Self sabotage, feeling like an imposter, perfectionism, and people pleasing are all examples of negative behaviors that could be holding you back due to your limiting thoughts and beliefs. There are no “problem behaviors'', but there are behaviors that are a problem. In sports, some behaviors that are a problem might include: feeling paralyzed under pressure, becoming easily distracted, having low self confidence/ doubting your skills and abilities, lack of self-discipline, substance abuse, and/or more general emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues.

All of these negative behaviors are just coping mechanisms for more deep-rooted emotional issues from past experiences and how your mind has interpreted them.

Until you become aware of the root cause of the emotional issues, it will continue to manifest itself as negative beliefs and behaviors and hinder your ability to perform at your maximum capacity.

With RTT + Coaching, we can uncover the root cause of the challenges you are facing and address it head on, dissolving the negative behaviors that result from it. Then we will utilize a variety of tools, techniques, and solutions based in Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence to rewire your neural pathways to think more positive, productive, and empowering thoughts, which are the biggest indicators of increased performance.

As a result, you will feel laser focused on your game, highly confident in your abilities, let go of the idea of perfection and instead strive for excellence, heal any past trauma, and overcome anxiety, depression, and relationships issues.

Does improving your sports performance through RTT + Coaching align with the changes you want to make in your sport and your life? Coach Monique is ready to use her vast knowledge of Brain Science, Emotional Intelligence, and the Psychology of Happiness to help you exceed all former expectations, hit new personal records, overcome the hurdles that are tripping you up, and perform at your maximum potential.

Speak with Coach Monique to discuss your unique challenges and goals and understand how she can help you overcome and excel. Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call here and let’s Unlock Bold Change™ together!


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