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Above the Clouds

coach monique

I know my work changes lives because it changed my life.
Today my life is full of happiness, loving relationships, and success in the areas that are most important to me. I get to help people the way I was helped.



Backed by over 20 years of experience working as a coach with executives, women-owned and family-owned businesses, corporate clients, non-profits, and individuals, Coach Monique devotes her extensive education and transformational approach to helping people from all walks of life to overcome struggles and create change in their lives.

Monique’s work is based on Brain Science, Emotional Intelligence, the Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology of Happiness. Monique has developed and trademarked 12 innovative, straightforward, and relevant tools, techniques, and solutions, like her A-B-CC Conceptual Model for Change™, to help her clients thrive in their personal and professional lives.



C.HYP, CPPD, MPMH, CCH, ICF Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Employee Training & Development, and Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapist.

Coach Monique has over 20 years of experience working as a coach with executives, women-owned, and family-owned businesses, corporate clients and non-profits, as well as individuals who are simply seeking to overcome struggles and create change in their lives.

All of Monique’s work is based in Brain-Science, Emotional Intelligence, the Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology of Happiness. She has developed and trademarked 12 innovative, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and immediately relevant tools, techniques, and solutions to help her clients Unlock BOLD Change™ in their lives.

Utilizing an Emotional Intelligence Profile, GE Executive Assessment, and her A→B→CC Conceptual Model™ for Change as part of her strategically-proven coaching tools, Monique’s executive clients drive innovation for their teams and increase productivity and profitability. She coaches clients to discover their untapped leadership potential to become high-performing business leaders and executives. 

Monique is also the author of Most People Don’t Need A Therapist, They Just Need A Change, An Easy to Use Guide for Positive Sustainable Change.

Coach Monique in Thought

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Coach Monique prioritizes integrity and honesty, inspiring clients to adopt these values as their own to build a foundation of trust.

  • Growth-Oriented: Coach Monique has applied her teachings to her own life, and continues to learn and evolve alongside her clients, putting in consistent work that allows her to be best suited for her leadership role.

  • Professionalism: Coach Monique remains professional throughout all aspects of her life, conducting herself in an ethical, confidential, and respectful manner.

  • Courage: Coach Monique empathizes with her clients that she has used her work to change her own life. She helps clients realize their courage and helps them take control as they make adjustments in their own relationships, careers, and passions.

Our Services

It’s natural to hit roadblocks, from emotional challenges in our personal lives to obstacles that may be holding us back in our professional roles. Life is full of challenges that may not be easy to overcome on your own. That’s why Coach Monique offers three impactful coaching services: Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Executive Coaching.

These results-driven coaching solutions are not a substitute for therapy, but rather a tool-driven approach that allows you to learn and develop the skills needed to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, driving you to Unlock Bold Change™ in your life.

2021 Influential Leadership Award
presented by pittsburgh professional women


Pittsburgh Professional Women awarded Coach Monique the 2021 Influential Leadership Award.

Women from the region have been selected to receive this prestigious recognition because of the courage, leadership, innovation, creativity, and resilience that was modeled in 2020 while living, working, and leading others through a pandemic. 

qualifications and 
influential memberships

+ Executive MBA with a Focus on Innovation from Carlow University

+ RTT Program graduate of the Imperial College of London

+ BA in Communications from Chatham College
+ Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Life Coach
+ Certified Emotional Intelligence Profile
+ Graduate of Landmark Education’s Landmark Forum & Advanced Course
+ Certified Sylva Method Instructor
+ C.HYP, CCPD, MPMH, CCH, Certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy

+ Member of The National Speakers Association (NSA)

+ Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

+ Certified Women-Owned Business with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

+ Certified Disability-Owned Business (Disability:IN)



As one of the first RTT-trained therapists in the United States, with over 20 years of valuable industry experience and more than nine certifications and counting, Coach Monique has helped over 1200 clients achieve their personal, professional, and executive goals through her strategically-proven coaching tools.

Additionally, Monique is the author of “Most People Don’t Need A Therapist, They Just Need A Change, An Easy-To-Use Guide For Positive Sustainable Change,” a book highlighting the universal, foundational steps toward successfully Unlocking Bold Change™ in your personal life, career, and leadership roles.


clients served and counting

One of the 1st RTT trained therapists in the U.S.


years of industry experience


certifications and counting

Above the Clouds

Take the First Step Toward Transforming Your Life


Coach Monique will help you transform your life using the very same tools, techniques, and strategies she used to transform her own life, leading to emotional well-being, thriving relationships, the ability to successfully navigate challenges, and finding success in all the areas that are most important to her. Now, Coach Monique wants to help you by guiding you through her powerful teachings and lifestyle modifications to achieve your best life. Contact Coach Monique for your complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call today.

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