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LIFE coaching

Life Coaching by Coach Monique in Pittsburg, PA

Life Coaching is a forward-facing, results-driven, solution for overcoming emotional struggles. It is not therapy, or a replacement for traditional therapy, but it can be a life-changing alternative for those looking for an innovative approach to creating change.

All of Coach Monique's Life Coaching programs are based in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Brain-Science, The Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology Of Happiness. Lots of experts and programs tell you what to do. She'll give you proven trademarked tools, techniques, and solutions to actually do it.


Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, confidence issues, or trauma, satisfying your own needs and those of your family, or simply denying yourself the life you deserve due to insecurities, Coach Monique is here to help you reset your life with carefully crafted, proven Life Coaching services. 

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Experience the Difference Life Coaching Can Make

Coach Monique’s innovative Life Coaching services are geared toward helping you:

  • Heal trauma

  • Reframe negative thinking and beliefs

  • Overcome your past

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Boost your confidence

  • Improve your relationships

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want in life

  • Define attainable dreams and aspirations

  • Discover ways to achieve your goals

  • Highlight and embrace your potential, skills, and talents

Life Coaching Certification


With an in-depth background as an experienced RTT trained therapist, all of Coach Monique’s Life Coaching programs are based on Emotional Intelligence, Brain Science, the Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology of Happiness.

Unlike other life coaching programs, she does not give you an outline of how to make improvements; rather, she helps you through a customized coaching program that uses her trademarked tools, techniques, and solutions, such as her A-B-CC Conceptual Model for Change™, leading you to experience RAPID RESULTS with long-term, sustainable change.

Strengths and Goals


Coach Monique’s approach to Life Coaching centers around the client’s wants, needs, and preferences. She shows clients how to interrupt their negative patterns to form healthy ones, positively redirect habitual and destructive behaviors, and overcome challenges to experience breakthroughs.

Coach Monique helps YOU overcome subconscious beliefs and limitations, increase your awareness, expand your thought process, and  identify the areas that need attention in your life such as: depression, anxiety, self-sabotaging  behaviors, imposter syndrome, unhealthy relationships, and generalized unhappiness in your life. By active listening, asking powerful questions, and curating relevant action steps, Coach Monique can help you Unlock Bold Change™ in your life.

Life Coaching Packages

Life Coaching packages are customizable programs starting at $4,500. These powerful sessions include:

  • Eight 90-minute to two-hour coaching sessions

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support

  • Custom recordings to reinforce positive change

  • Access to Coach Monique’s exclusive network of industry professionals

Coach Monique has a variety of customized programs including monthly subscriptions and session packages. She recognizes that coaching is a significant investment and works with you to determine the best program to fit your needs.

Life coaching clients with an eight session package may cancel at any time to receive a refund for the remaining balance of sessions. Executive clients may terminate their commitment with a 30-day notice.

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Choose the Nation’s Most Influential Life Coach

It’s important to invest your time with a Life Coach who values your success as much as their own, which is why Coach Monique is one of the nation’s most trusted Life Coaches. She studied with Marisa Peer at the Imperial College of London and became one of the first RTT Therapists in the United States. In her nearly 20 years of experience, Coach Monique has helped over 1,200 clients achieve their goals and break free from the struggles that were holding them back using her extensive training and educational background in addition to her  9+ certifications.

Take the First Step Toward Your Best Life


Coach Monique wants to help you discover your untapped potential and lead you to true happiness and fulfillment. Let’s uncover what you want out of life and how to make it happen. Contact Coach Monique today for your complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Consultation.

"At times, the beliefs we have and the stories we tell ourselves can make us miserable, hold us back from fully living our lives and wreak havoc on our goals, dreams, and peace of mind."

- Coach Monique 

Coaching vs. Therapy
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