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National Clean Your Desk Day: Three Things You Can Do To Get Organized

It can be horrible trying to navigate life when both at home and at work, you’re completely disorganized. Even worse, once you realize you’re disorganized, it can be very daunting trying to even contemplate ways to dig out of your messy inbox or cluttered house. So, what kind of changes can we implement to declutter our lives so that we can get organized?

  1. Make a schedule and commit to it. When we have a schedule of our day, it’s like a productive to-do list that helps us knock out the important things that need to get done today.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate.

  3. Declutter regularly and commit to one day a week that you organize your workspace and home.

Seems easy right? The difference between organized and unorganized people is commitment to a schedule that will ultimately declutter their lives. Adding structure and to-do lists should not be a scary thing, they should be encouraged because they help with efficiency and self-productivity.  


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