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Three Sweet but Healthy Things You Can Do For Yourself

Most of us are still in the New Year mindset, which is good. Working out at the gym isn’t so torturous anymore and eating clean probably has helped you drop a few pounds, but sometimes going straight turkey when it comes to implementing good habits can make you reminisce about your old vices. This is why we’ve come up with three sweet but healthy things you can do for yourself to keep you on track for your goals.

  1. It’s okay to have a cheat meal, most nutritionists encourage it when done right. Are you craving pizza? How about trying the Keto Diet’s wildly popular cauliflower crust pizza! It’s got less carbs, calories, guilt but all the flavor that you love. Want some chocolate? Instead of going for milk or white, try dark chocolate instead. Finding healthier alternatives means feeling less deprived.

  2. Reward your goals with treats you look forward to. Whether you’ve been working out consistently five times a week or dropped your first ten pounds, having a reward at the end of each small goal makes you push further to your big ones.

  3. Don’t forget to pamper yourself after a hard week. It’s great to dedicate yourself to healthier goals, but do not push yourself so much that you forget to take care of your body. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.


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