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“No.” is a complete sentence. 5 Reasons Why Saying No Is A Good Thing

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Look at your to-do list or your calendar. Now, when looking at either of these items, how much of it is due to you not being able to say “no”? In theory, saying “no,” is simple. However, if that was the case, our calendars and to-do lists would not constantly be filled with things we don’t want to do.

Knowing why it’s okay to say “no,” goes further than making sure you don’t do things because you don’t want to. It also comes from a place of helping your mental health by making sure you are saying no to things that won’t make you a happier person. Read through the five reasons on why it is okay to say no and start taking steps towards shrinking unwanted items on your to-do lists and items on your calendar.

1. You don’t owe anyone anything.

Being kind is one thing, but doing something because you feel as if you owe someone something, is another. We all have a common thought process of thinking we always have to say yes to favors but this nowhere where near reality.

2. You are the one that has to live with your decisions.

At the end of the day, when everyone is gone you’re the one that will live with what you agreed to do or not to do. So why say yes when it isn’t going to make you a happier or a better person? Don’t let the world give you any reason to question your decisions.

3. Saying no can give you a feeling of control over your own life.

After agreeing and saying yes to any commitments and tasks, you begin to feel as if life is getting overwhelming. You begin to lose control of what you need to do and what others are now expecting of you. Once you begin to realize it is okay to say no and only to say yes to what you want, you slowly regain control of your own life.

4. It helps to bring your priorities into perspective.

Your personal priorities tend to get blurred and mixed up with other’s priorities when you are trying to please everyone else. When feeling like you can’t tell anyone “no” or focus on what you need to do, it begins through your perspective off. Start by figuring out what your priorities are and stick to them by saying “no” when things don’t align with them.

5. It is not rude or selfish.

There is a huge fear when it comes to saying no, and its people will see you as rude or selfish. However, saying no does not make either of those things true. In fact, it is true that not letting yourself say no, is actually rude to yourself.

Saying no isn’t easy. Especially in a society where not saying yes is deemed as not the “social norm”. When you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of saying yes and for whatever reason that isn’t making you happy, refer to why it is okay to say no.

If you are having trouble being able to speak up and voice your opinion when it comes to saying no, check out this blog post Three Things You Can Do To Not Clam Up, But Instead Voice Your Honest Opinion.


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