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Three Things You Can Do To Not Clam Up, But Instead Voice Your Honest Opinion

It can be scary to speak up and voice your opinion. Whether the context is within a relationship or at your place of employment, it is a valuable communication skill to be able to voice your honest opinion when done in a respectful manner. Often times we have a fear of voicing our concerns and opinions because of backlash. However it is important to remember that honesty is the one of the best ways to resolve festering issues and strengthen relationships. So here are some things you can try out that will aid you in being better equipped to voice your honest opinions.

  1. Write down your concerns and go over them thoroughly.

  2. Set a time to meet privately to discuss your concerns to avoid distractions and pressure.

  3. Be prepared to listen, give feedback and accept a person’s experience.

The last point is super important. What may be your experience, may not be what the other person is experiencing and that is okay. When you can civilly discuss your opinions in a safe environment without being combative, you are much more likely to reach a person. Try out these steps and apply them to your life. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to give honest feedback without feeling scared to do so.


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