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Relationship Issues

Do your relationships make you miserable, undermine your self-esteem, or have you dreading family time? Do your relationships make you anxious, depressed, and leave you stuck in the past? Have you tried everything you know to change your relationships, but nothing has worked?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  1. You keep having the same type of bad relationship over and over again. Maybe you haven’t been in “5” (pick a number) relationships…maybe you’ve had the same type of relationship “5” times.

  2. Your relationships are a source of pain and suffering.

  3. You’re letting your past relationships destroy your current ones.

  4. Your primary relationship is your primary source of unhappiness.

  5. You’re trying to decide whether to stay or leave your marriage or long-term partner.

  6. You or your partner has cheated and now you are trying to decide what’s next.

  7. You dread family gatherings because of all the dysfunction or you can’t move past your past.

If any of these situations resonate with you, you’re probably really suffering. But you don’t have to, change is possible. You CAN have great, loving relationships…You are the key to unlocking bold change.

Here are some results my clients have experienced in their relationships after our work together.


  1. Understand the behavior patterns that contributed to their relationship issues.

  2. Have insights, techniques, and education to develop healthier relationships.

  3. Realize that they have the power to change their relationships.

  4. Feel more confident to end a relationship that no longer serves them.

  5. Use communication tools to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and boundaries in their relationships.

  6. Are equipped to overcome emotions such as anger, resentment, or fear that had previously undermined their relationships.

  7. No longer feel the need to control others.

You CAN have the relationships you always wanted. You HAVE the power to do it. TAKE the first step to healthy, meaningful relationships.

Call me today at 412-400-2085 to find out how you can Unlock Bold Change™ and get the keys to Rapid Results for overcoming your relationship issues.


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