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Is the way you are born your biggest struggle? Is the fact that you are LGBTQ the justification most commonly used when you have been rejected, abandoned, or even hated…by those who should love and accept you?

Do any of these struggles sound familiar?

  1. Have high levels of anxiety.

  2. Controlled by fear of abandonment.

  3. Your fear of past rejection caused problems in your relationships and your life.

  4. Your self-esteem issue holds you back from saying what you need to say and doing what you need to do.

  5. You are you filled with self-contempt and self-hatred.

  6. You experience bouts of depression.

  7. You want to be someone different than who you are.

If any of these struggles and experiences resonate with you, you’re probably really suffering. But you don’t have to, change is possible. You CAN find love and accept for yourself. You HAVE the power to Unlock Bold Change™.

Here are some results my clients have experienced for themselves after our work together.


  1. Accept and love themselves.

  2. No longer are a “people pleaser” or someone who feels they need to change in order to be accepted or feel responsible for making someone else happy.

  3. Discovered the power to forgive themselves and others.

  4. Have the ability to set healthy boundaries with family, friends, and others.

  5. Change or leave relationships that are unsafe, unhealthy, or too dysfunctional.

  6. Have the confidence to live their lives in a way that is in alignment with their own core values, needs, and desires.

  7. Processed feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment in a healthy way and are moving forward with confidence, optimism, and joy.

You CAN have the life you always wanted. You HAVE the power to do it. TAKE the first step to your own healthy, happy, and authentic life.


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