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FREEBIE: Top 4 Reasons Your Team is Unmotivated

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Summertime blues are beginning to roll in as your team realizes that they’re going to spend much of their summer working inside, rather than being outside enjoying the beautiful weather. If you think this is the reason you’re starting to feel like your team is unmotivated, you may be right. On the other hand, an unmotivated team can mean that there is a lot going on behind the scenes throughout the year. You might not be aware of what’s causing them to lack focus and enthusiasm for their position, which is a challenge that many managers and supervisors face in the workplace.

Motivation is the internal drive or enthusiasm to start a job and get it done without procrastinating, getting distracted, or losing interest. Managers often struggle to understand why their employees aren’t motivated. However, even when they do understand the “why,” they often don’t know the “how” to change it.

The key is to first identify why an employee lacks motivation and only after you understand the “why,” are you able to apply a targeted strategy for change. It is essential that your strategy aligns properly with the “why,” or you can make the situation worse. For example, if you make the mistake of thinking that more compensation will be the motivator and it turns out, the employee feels like the work they are doing has no meaning, you have accomplished nothing and invested more money for little to no return on your investment.

There are 4 primary reasons why employees struggle with motivation. In this downloadable guide, not only will we point out the four reasons your team is unmotivated, but we will also provide you with solutions that will get them back on track and more productive than ever. Summer Fridays might help those summertime blues though.

Download the freebie by clicking this link:


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