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Family Business Coaching

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

When the workforce is family, where do you draw the line? This is the most common challenge with even the most successful family-owned businesses.

When it comes to a family business, it’s imperative to be aware of relationships. Because the person you’re clashing with about daily operations can very well be the person passing you the turkey on Thanksgiving. Generational patterns develop early and the problem with a family business is it can negatively impact every area of your life.

  1. Are family patterns or dysfunctions getting in the way of profits?

  2. Do you enjoy the perks, but not the works of the family business and feel guilty because of it?

  3. Do you want to leave the family business, but feel conflicted?

  4. Did you feel bullied into the family business?

  5. Do you want to take the family business in a new direction or into new segments, but are having trouble “selling” your ideas to other family members?

  6. Are things stagnant?

  7. Do you have trouble remembering the last time you were happy or excited about business?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you, your business, and/or your family could benefit from Coach Monique’s Family Business Coaching.

Call Monique today for your 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call.


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