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Confidence Issues

Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself? You’re not alone…85% of people suffer from low self-esteem. If not addressed, low self-esteem and lack of confidence will impact your behaviors, relationships, health, finances, career and overall quality of life.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  1. You struggle with “Imposter Syndrome” (…feelings of if people really knew me, they would know I’m not really as good as they think I am).

  2. Your self-confidence issues hold you back from speaking with others, sharing your ideas, or doing the things you want to do.

  3. You ruminate and spend endless hours rethinking everything you say and do wondering if it was wrong or if you are being judged.

  4. You don’t really like yourself.

  5. You feel everyone else has their life together and you don’t.

  6. You battle with uncertainty about yourself, your life, and your future.

  7. You have self-worth issues.

If any of these situations are your reality, you’re probably in emotional pain.  But you don’t have to be, change is possible. You CAN have confidence, high self-esteem, and love and accept yourself.  You are your own key to unlocking bold change.

Here are some of the results my clients have experienced in their confidence and self-esteem after our work together.


  1. Are more confident in themselves.

  2. Find their “Voice”…speak up and show up for success.

  3. Accept themselves, their accomplishments, strengths, and abilities.

  4. No longer need to hide behind perfection or fear failure.

  5. Become impervious to unfair criticism, judgment, and the harsh words of others.

  6. Move forward without being weighed down from the past.

  7. Believe in themselves.

You CAN have the confidence and self-esteem you deserve. You HAVE the power to do it. TAKE the first step.  

Call me today at 412-400-2085 to find out how you can Unlock Bold Change™ and get the keys to Rapid Results for having more confidence, self-esteem, and live the life you desire.


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