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4 Ways To Be A Better Decision Maker

Updated: Feb 13

We’ve all hesitated at some point when making a decision. Should I take the easy way out or should I power through? It would be easier to fib a little rather than tell the truth and risk hurting someone’s feelings. Or even the daily decision, where should we eat?

If you struggle to make decisions in your life, be it everyday decisions or ones that will have a rather large impact on your life, you aren’t alone. When there are too many options and/or opinions weighing in on your decisions, it can be difficult to pick the “right” option or the “best” option.

Luckily for you, you’ve come across this blog post that can teach you some ways to become a better decision maker!

Stop expecting perfection

This is something that so many people struggle with: perfectionism. If you’re working on a project, don’t get stuck on minute details. Yes, perfect would be nice, but done is better than perfect in most cases. Sometimes it’s important to just make a decision. Then stick with it.

If you expect perfection, you might end up spending hours upon hours weighing all of the different outcomes of your decision. This will only delay the decision making and possibly put you behind on other decisions that need to be made.

Check your moral compass

Many times people are so hesitant to fall back on what feels, “right.” It’s easy to let outside factors influence your decisions, especially in the workplace. It might seem difficult to do the right thing when there might be difficult short-term consequences or when it goes against the wishes of someone else involved in the situation.

The bottom line is, your moral compass will likely not guide you in the wrong direction. Keep in mind, also, that the right decision is not always the easy one.

Make a pros & cons list

This one might seem like a no-brainer or it might seem too labor intensive, but it doesn’t have to be a formal list. A quick rundown of the pros and cons in your head can help guide you in the direction towards the right decision if it’s a seemingly inconsequential decision.

If it’s a bigger “life” decision, it might benefit you to sit down and list out the pros and cons in a more formal way. By mapping out the pros and cons you can get a good idea of what the different outcomes of your decision will be. Seeing the pros and cons side by side usually also makes it clear if there are more benefits or setbacks that will be caused by whatever decision you eventually make.

Take your time

Big decisions shouldn’t be rushed! Take your time and make sure to weigh all of the options. This goes back to following your moral compass, as well. When all of the outside factors are removed, what do you feel is the right decision?

If there’s a lot going on in your life, sleeping on it can also help to provide clarity. Looking at something with a fresh set of eyes can bring a new perspective to the decision-making process.

Did you know that anxiety can be an underlying cause of poor decision-making skills? The Journal of Neuroscience published research on how anxiety disrupts the region of the brain that drives decision making. Struggling with anxiety doesn’t have to define your life. Contact me today and take control of your anxiety.


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