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3 Ways to Address Stress and Put Things in Perspective

You’re staring down at your to-do lists, your ever-growing email, your calendar and all you can ask yourself is, “how will any of this get done?” Suddenly, your mind is everywhere, jumping from one task to the next, yet nothing is getting accomplished except the overwhelming realization that nothing is getting accomplished.

Stress is a common word in today’s society. This word is relevant to anyone juggling more than one thing in their day to day life. Putting everything in perspective is a great way to help reduce stress and to focus in on what really matters. Finding perspective is easier said than done, as are most things. Keep reading to find three different ways to address stress and to help put things in perspective.

Learn to say no.

Life will always be full of people asking things of you. Can you work late tonight? Can you bake cookies for the school party? You might love to do all these things, but what happens when you can’t say no? Stress happens. Remind yourself you are one person and one person cannot perform the workload of ten people. Look at what matters and prioritize the tasks you actually need to get done. Once you have a clearer picture of the tasks at hand, then see if you want to take on additional responsibilities. However, always remember it’s okay to say no.

Look at the big picture, and then break it down.

There is an end. From just needing to make it to Friday or the end of a large project at work, there is a goal in sight and you will run across that finish line. When thinking about what needs to get done, what do you see? Do you see a hundred small lists? Here is what you need to see first. The big picture! See the goal, and then break it down into steps to get to you the goal. Looking at the big picture and breaking it down from there will help you gain perspective on how to accomplish this goal one step at a time.

Take a break.

This one sounds easy, but is it? When things become a little hectic your mind begins to race, and it jumps from one thought to another. This begins to skew reality. When this happens it’s best to take a moment and do something that will let you breathe, and will allow you to clear your head. This could be a walk or even just a few minutes of mindless television. After a few moments to yourself, the problems causing stress just might feel a little bit smaller.

If stress is causing your perspective to change, look at the list above and try implementing these into your daily life. Hopefully one, or all three, will slowly become routines in your life when helping overcome daily stress.

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