10 Stages of Leadership Development

Leadership coaching refers to working with the leaders of an organization to help them realize their abilities and maximize those abilities to lead their teams. As businesses start to return to the office, managers need to know how to transition their employees to this return and may need to know which questions to ask a leadership coach in preparation for leadership coaching now more than ever.

Monique DeMonaco has over 17 years of executive coaching experience and has devised her 10 Stages of Leadership Structure to guide her clients through a training process that enables managers to help their employees begin to see themselves as part of a cohesive team with shared experiences, goals, and challenges and reach leadership coaching results.

These 10 stages of leadership development are:

Stage 1: Thought

  1. Recognizing and Labeling Your Driving Thoughts

  2. Challenging Your Limitation-Based Thinking, Beliefs, and Bias

  3. Overcoming The Challenges, Separating Real and Perceived Possibilities, and Recognizing Imagined Obstacles and Blocks

  4. Shifting To A Global Perspective And Opportunity

Stage 2: Self

  1. Instilling Courage

  2. Understanding Authenticity

  3. Creating Trust Because Of Who You Are

  4. Being Open By Demonstrating Self-Awareness

  5. Recognizing and Embracing Self-Development

Stage 3: Creating the New and Different

  1. Create Open-Mindset Acceptance

  2. Cultivate Innovation For Self and Others

  3. Develop An Updated Strategic Mindset

Stage 4: Decision Making

  1. Building Confidence to Make Decisions

  2. Construct Objectivity In Decision Quality

  3. “Selling” Your Decisions

Stage 5: Taking Initiative

  1. Evolving as an Action-Oriented Team Member

  2. Identifying Opportunities To Become Resourceful

  3. Directing Work and People

  4. Optimizing Work Processes Based On What You Have Learned (feedback, trial & error, education, and/or training)

Stage 6: Focusing On Personal Performance

  1. Allows Ownership, Builds Confidence, and Fosters Pride

  2. Ensures Accountability

  3. Drives Results

Stage 7: People (Teams, Cohorts, And Groups)

  1. Understanding Values Versus Differences and Needs Versus Wants

  2. Build Collaboration

  3. Manage Conflict

  4. Develop Personal Savvy

  5. Build Networks, Support, Buy-In, and Trust

Stage 8: Optimizing Diverse Talent

  1. Value Differences

  2. Develop Talent

  3. Build Effective Teams

  4. Provide Ongoing Support For Diverse Teams To Succeed, Maintain A Culture of Inclusivity, and Engage In Adaptability

  5. Recognize Needs Versus Wants In Self And Others

Stage 9: Developing/Influencing Others

  1. Communicate Effectively

  2. Understand Value of Influence

  3. Drive Engagement

  4. Develop Vision and Purpose

Stage 10: Being Flexible and Adaptable

  1. Recognize and Manage Ambiguity

  2. Nimble Real-Time Learning

  3. Attitude Of Life-Long Learning

  4. Becoming Resilient

  5. Embracing Situational Adaptability

Start your leadership development stages

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