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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need RTT + Coaching

What is RTT Hypnotherapy?

RTT Hypnotherapy is a hybrid form of hypnotherapy developed by Marisa Peer that combines the most beneficial aspects of hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and psychotherapy to produce rapid, sustainable results. I use RTT as a powerful tool in my coaching practice to help my clients overcome anxiety, trauma, depression, confidence and relationship issues, and more.

You can read more about RTT here.

Today I compiled a list of reasons why you might not need to invest in RTT + Coaching...

You do not need RTT + Coaching if:

1. Your future always looks bright

You feel confident, optimistic, and free about meeting your challenges, reaching your goals, and living your best life today, tomorrow, next year, and beyond. Clarity and focus are second nature to you.

RTT helps you uncover your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and interpretations of past experiences that you may even be aware of but struggle to work through, and are often not even aware of. These issues are like gravity, they impact you whether you are aware of them or not.

I recently worked with a client who recognized she had a pretty dismal view of her life despite having a loving family, a small business that allowed her to express her natural creativity, and good health. During our work together, she became aware of the extent that the family culture she grew up in was one of doom and gloom, worse-case-scenarios, and belief that life wasn’t fair sometimes even when there was clear evidence to the contrary. While consciously my client had not “bought into” these beliefs, she was able to recognize that subconsciously, there was still a part of her that had accepted those beliefs and therein lay the problem.

It wasn’t until becoming aware of and challenging those beliefs that she was able to truly and permanently overcome them. Today, she lives with a sense of relief, feelings of optimism and positive anticipation of what the future holds, and maybe most importantly a true sense of gratitude for her life and all of her many blessings.

2. You’re an expert at understanding how your thoughts and beliefs affect your behaviors

If your self-awareness is already keen, you are probably highly attuned to and understand how your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and interpretations of past experiences affect your most consistent behaviors.

RTT + Coaching can help you deepen your awareness and understanding of your thoughts and beliefs so that you can connect the dots between past experiences and how they impact your current beliefs and behaviors. You can’t do something about something you’re unaware of, so until that awareness is gained, change will continue to be just out of reach. Once you gain awareness and the tools you need, the possibilities are limitless.

3. Depression and anxiety are not even a “thing” for you

If situational depression and anxiety are not even a “thing” for you, then you probably don’t need RTT Hypnotherapy + Coaching. Situational depression comes about through particularly painful circumstances, long-standing issues such as trauma or abuse, an overwhelming failure, or even feelings of being stuck in life.

RTT + Coaching is designed to help you overcome depression and anxiety through the reframing and resolving of the issues that have led or exacerbated it. Creating a shift in mindset alone can be life-changing when it comes to your depression and anxiety, whether it be a long-standing issue or a relatively new struggle.

For example, a former client, for the first time in his life, began to suffer from depression and sometimes paralyzing anxiety at the age of 32, which culminated in a near complete breakdown, seemingly out of nowhere, during a very important international business call. He became so anxious and overwhelmed that his assistant had to drive him home where he suffered alone for two days before eventually ending up in the emergency room out of fear of his physical well-being. After months of traditional talk therapy with no real results, he started working with me. I helped him discover that when his beloved mother had passed away five years earlier, his father, a traditional Chinese man, had made it very clear that any outward signs of grief or even emotional upset would not be tolerated. My client quickly adapted by suppressing any and all of his heartbreak in losing his mother. As soon as he would become aware of any painful thoughts creeping into his consciousness he would quickly distract himself, whether it be by hopping on his phone, focusing on work (his father always promoted workaholic behaviors), sleeping, or a myriad of mind-numbing activities. Because his depression and anxiety didn’t manifest until more than a year after his mother’s death, neither he nor his therapist made the connection.

What you resist persists so my client’s resistance to his painful emotions allowed them to build over time until the “emotional dam” simply burst. This realization brought a lot of relief to him because when nothing had worked, he had become fearful that something was seriously wrong with him and that his life would forever be defined by his depression and anxiety. Once he became aware of the source of it all, we were able to work together to give him the tools to process his grief and move forward in a healthy way.

4. Your family and friends have no complaints

Has a friend or family member ever told you that you help with your emotions or problem behaviors? If not, that must mean your relationships are healthy and strong, you have good mental and emotional well-being, and your family and friends all feel that you are in a happy, healthy place in your life. If you answered yes, your initial reaction may have been defensive or to deny that you are struggling with any issues, even if you know the truth deep down.

It’s often much easier to recognize the ways other people need to change before we recognize our own issues or areas of weakness. If your family is complaining about your behavior, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have issues of their own, but it also doesn't mean they are wrong about yours. Sometimes things are more clearly seen when they are looked at from an outside perspective. If you feel that your family and friends have your best interests at heart, it might be time to consider pursuing real change in your life.

With RTT + Coaching, you can dive deep into your subconscious mind to uncover the root causes of the issues that are holding you back in your relationships with yourself and others so that you can create rapid, sustainable change and live the life you want and deserve.

5. You are reaching all your career goals and more

If you have worked to achieve a place in your career where you are highly productive, reaching your goals and deadlines, maintaining strong relationships with coworkers, feeling compensated for your knowledge and expertise, and maximizing your performance, then RTT + Coaching is probably not something you need to invest in.

RTT + Coaching is designed to allow you to unlock your full potential in all the aspects of your life most important to you. With RTT + Coaching, you can set and reach your stretch goals, improve communication and collaboration, increase your productivity and profitability, and create real change in not only your life, but throughout your team and organization.

One of my family-business clients brought me in to support a high-potential leader (son and nephew to the current leaders) they hoped to move him into a top leadership role in the next five years; however, they were able to identify some important deficiencies that needed to be addressed first in order to position him for future success. Although very talented and knowledgeable about the business (he had grown up in the family business), he struggled with procrastination, resulting in him often missing deadlines which resulted in missed or rushed deadlines and hard feelings among his team and other family members who also worked in the business.

Through our work together, he came to terms with his imposter syndrome (the belief he was only there because of his family connections and didn’t really have anything to offer), his feelings of inadequacy when he compared himself to his father and uncle who had taken the business from a small “mom and pop” operation to a nationally competitive and respected business. My client’s realization that his procrastination was directly related to fear that he would be a disappointment to the family and not be able to successfully lead the company led him to gain more confidence in himself and explore his own leadership and ideas as to where he could grow market share.

6. Trauma? Never heard of it

If you are someone who has never experienced an emotionally, physically, and/or mentally disturbing event or series of events over a period of time, then trauma likely doesn’t affect you.

Trauma can be extremely deep-rooted and go back years or even decades. Sometimes, people are not even aware of the severity of their trauma or how it negatively impacts their repetitive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors because they have lived with it for so long. Trauma increases levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can lead to other issues like anxiety and depression, and unfortunately, it doesn’t just go away on its own. Facing your trauma is often scary, threatening, and emotionally draining… But carrying the trauma with you and not addressing it can lead to a myriad of other long-standing issues that you’ll be forced to face down the road.

RTT + Coaching will allow you to face your trauma, process it, and move through it in healthy ways that do not involve ignoring it or trying to cope with it through unhealthy coping mechanisms. You can overcome your trauma, connect the dots between your trauma and your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, and gain the tools you need to change your life and move forward.

7. Relationship issues? What relationship issues?

With great communication, effective conflict resolution, problem solving, and confidence, you are an expert in your relationships. Whether it’s with coworkers, family members, partners, or friends, you know exactly how to form and maintain healthy relationships with those around you.

Patterns in relationships typically get established early on, and RTT + Coaching helps you get to the root cause(s) of your relationship issues and gives you the tools to do something about them. Whether we are aware of it or not, oftentimes our relationship issues stem from: fear of abandonment, a need for control, resistance to conflict, not regulating our emotions in a healthy way, a lack of self-awareness, passive-aggressive behaviors, or simply an inability to effectively communicate our needs, wants, and personal boundaries.

The most common way in which people want their relationships to change is wanting the other person to change. You may try to nag them, coerce them, or threaten them to change their behaviors or habits. When in reality the only way to interrupt relationship patterns is for you to show up differently, which will lead to changes in the relationship.

One of my recent clients was often very critical, judgmental, and even rude (inability to regulate his emotions) to his husband. Helping him to become aware of the source of his anger (feelings of not being good enough) and resentment (not feeling in control) allowed him to make conscious choices and gave him the tools to address issues in a more respectful, positive, and compassionate way. This new change in his behavior created a different kind of relationship with his partner that fostered less defensiveness, created opportunities for more intimacy, a willingness to listen, and even a sense of playfulness.

8. You have a steady stream of positive and productive thoughts

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has up to 50,000 thoughts a day… Some experts even say the number is closer to 60,000. It turns out many of these thoughts are not “brandy new”... Many of them are reruns of the thoughts we had yesterday, last week, last year, all your life, and maybe they aren’t even your own original thoughts, just thoughts you and beliefs you assimilated from others growing up

Estimates suggest that, for most people with an untrained mind (the vast majority of us), up to 80% of our daily internal dialogue is rooted in negative thinking or at least thinking that is less than optimal.

If your repetitive thoughts consist of self-love, confidence, compassion, and peace, rather than judgements, criticisms (of yourself and others), regrets, and anxiety about the future, then you are in a “better place” than most people in the world who are struggling with their internal dialogue.

When your thoughts patterns are healthy and positive, your repetitive habits and behaviors most likely are as well, and there is no need to change what you are doing because it is already working for you.

If you are someone in the vast majority who struggles with negative thought patterns and beliefs that include judgements, criticisms, regrets, fears, and hopelessness, then RTT + Coaching is designed to help you rewire your thought patterns and rewrite the stories you tell yourself. With a positive and productive mindset, you are free to be who you are and you have the tools you need to become exactly who you want to be,

9. Your confidence is unwavering

If you are someone who feels confident in their skin, has an unwavering sense of self-worth and self-belief, and knows they can handle anything that comes their way, then you probably wouldn’t benefit from RTT + Coaching.

Confidence is an inside job. Because RTT allows you access to your subconscious mind, it is a highly effective tool for getting to the root cause of your lack of confidence and building it up from the inside out. RTT can help you reframe the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you believe so you can unlock the power within and feel confident and empowered every day. If you do struggle with low confidence or self-esteem, then RTT + Coaching might be the answer you are looking for.

10. You’re not regularly stressed out

As someone who doesn’t experience high levels of stress on a consistent basis, you probably don’t need RTT + Coaching. I use RTT as a powerful tool to help my clients reduce stress, calm their nervous system, and find a sense of peace that remains steady throughout their days.

One of my clients came to me after years of trying to manage her stress through regular exercise, mindfulness, using prescription medications, and even consistently attending yoga classes. Despite all her efforts, stress was creating health issues such as headaches and high blood pressure, restless sleep most nights, and even undermining her sex drive much to her and her husband’s frustration.

As a result of our working together, she discovered that she equated stress with productivity and success. She came from a very competitive family, who promoted an intense lifestyle leading her to become an overachiever who attended an Ivy League college and began her career at Bain & Company, one of the top three consulting groups in the world. She grew up and chose to stay in New York City where daily life was fast-paced, her life had been hardcore intense, overly goal-oriented, and results driven. Despite her well thought out decisions to become a stay-at-home mother, move to a quiet suburb, and pursue her passion as a writer, she continued to create undue pressure on herself and have unrealistic expectations that in turn created problems in her family.

She reported hearing her parents' judgments, feeling guilty for simply enjoying a leisurely couple of hours, and even her habit of driving too fast were all directly related to her beliefs about productivity and success.

Once she made the conscious decision to define success in her own terms rather than her family’s, she began to self-actualize in a way that allowed her to accept her decisions and give herself permission to enjoy her definition of life…it was truly life-changing for her and her family as she relaxed into her new chosen life resulting in her health improving, enjoying intimacy with her husband, and feeling an overarching happiness.

Coach Monique has helped hundreds of clients overcome their anxiety, trauma, depression, and relationship and confidence issues with her twelve innovative tools, techniques, and solutions based in Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence.

If you feel that RTT + Coaching could be a strong fit for you and the challenges you are facing, Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call today and learn how Coach Monique can help you overcome the issues you are facing and achieve your most meaningful goals.

Let’s Unlock Bold Change™ Together!


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