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New Leader + Team Assimilation

What problems does this program solve?

All new leaders and their teams have a learning curve. This program accelerates that learning curve by as much as six months through team participation, shared experiences and insights, and group learning. This program leads to shared understanding and self-actualization for all participants, and ultimately increases success and support for the new leader and his or her team(s) that Unlocks Bold Change(s)™ for the organizations they serve.

Who benefits from this program:

  1. First-time Leaders

  2. Seasoned leaders beginning a new position

  3. High potentials placed in lateral positions for professional development

  4. Those being groomed to take over family businesses

  5. Leaders who are struggling with their level of influence

  6. Teams that are struggling to be cohesive, efficient, creative, and productive.

Results you can expect

Specific to the Leader:

  1. Increased Self-awareness

  2. Higher Confidence

  3. Enhanced Reputation

  4. Powerful Influence

  5. Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

Specific to the Teams They Lead:

  1. Stronger Cohesiveness

  2. Increased Individual/Team Self-Awareness and Accountability

  3. Revised Perspectives of the Leader

  4. Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

  5. Improved Communication

Using Unlock Bold Change ™, participants learn to work together at a more accelerated pace than any other known process leading to Rapid Results.


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