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4 Ways to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

If the world was perfect and so were you, weaknesses wouldn’t be an issue but as we know, that’s not reality. We tend to like to talk about our strengths because doing so makes us feel good and paint us in the best light. Along with our strengths come our weaknesses, though, and if we’re not also addressing our strengths, then we aren’t growing.

It’s time to start addressing our weaknesses and to start figuring out how we can turn them into strengths. Yes, that is correct; you can turn your weaknesses into strengths! Read on below to find out how.

Be Aware

It’s easy to say you don’t know what your weaknesses are if you are too busy avoiding or denying them. Becoming aware of a weakness is the first step to turning it into a strength. Admitting this to yourself is helpful because once you’re aware of your weakness you will be more mindful of it. Asking a friend may be difficult, but seeking out honest feedback from a close friend may help you become aware of some of your weaknesses.

Be Prepared

Once you are mindful of your weaknesses, you can prepare for the in the future! For example, say you’ve recently become aware of the fact that you’re terrible at being punctual to different events and appointments. You can now prepare by leaving earlier than normal, finding new routes that are faster or preparing your work for the night before. If you aren’t going to bother addressing your weaknesses, then you will never find a way to turn them into strengths!

Seek Guidance

Chances are, whatever weakness you are now aware of is listed in the “strengths” category for someone else. Find the person in your life that lists your weakness as one of their own strengths and ask for advice. If you lack self-confidence, go to the most confident person you know and pick their brain on what they do to maintain their self-confidence. Do they practice positive affirmations? Do they have certain activities they do that make them feel good about themselves? While their techniques may not work for you, they may open your mind to other things you can be doing to help yourself.

Find Your Corresponding Strength

This might sound strange, but every weakness has a strength that corresponds with it. When you list “shy” as one of your weaknesses, you may not be recognizing the fact that your shyness has actually made you a great listener and more likely to think before you speak! Maybe one of the best ways is to flip your “weakness” on it’s head and find the corresponding strength, rather than focusing on the negative aspect of the personality trait.


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