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Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™

As a society, we are conditioned to believe that evolution is a very slow process, or a process that happened a long time ago, however that is not always the case. As individuals, most of us naturally evolve throughout our lives, whether it be in our relationships, opinions, thoughts, or beliefs.


We define Evolutionary Shift™ as, “a process of change and development that creates meaningful shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, experiences and ultimately the reality you live in."

Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™ Will Give You the Road Map to Evolve in Ways That Create Powerful Shifts in Your Life.

This Program Focuses on five Distinct Paths: 

Coach Monique's Work


Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™ is a result of Coach Monique’s own evolution of 30 years of living in this body of work and 20 years of working with individuals in this body of work. 


"When I first started my business, the average client was coming to me with very distinct problems and goals... For example, becoming a better leader, a better communicator, or developing stronger emotional regulation... What I have witnessed changing over the years is that many clients come to me in search of more holistic goals that sometimes feel intangible, such as being in search of the meaning of life, embarking on a spiritual quest, and healing at a deeper level. That is why this program feels like work I am called to do."


-Coach Monique


Evolutionary Shift™ is not for everyone. It is for the individual who is highly committed to their own evolution that will create meaningful shifts in their life. This work will focus on creating positive changes in your life that will trickle down into your relationships, emotional regulation, and ability to communicate and set healthy boundaries. The goal is not specifically to have healthier relationships or be a better communicator, but those things will happen naturally and organically through Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™.


I have traveled this journey with those who are:


  • Looking to heal trauma at a very deep level

  • In recovery and are now looking to take their recovery to the next level

  • Feeling a calling for a more intense spiritual connection

  • Feeling that they have always lived their lives for others and are now deciding to live for themselves

  • Looking to cut through the noise of living in the spotlight to discover their authentic selves

  • Experiencing life changing crises such as painful divorces or the loss of a loved one

  • Highly successful business owners, often nationally or internationally known, who have come to question,“Is this all there is?” after selling or retiring from their business

  • Terminally ill

  • Professional athletes

  • Simply looking to evolve and grow as a person


Evolutionary Shift™ is designed for those who have a high level of commitment who are willing to put their time and energy into their own journey of self-discovery, healing, recovery, self-actualization, inner peace, and a deeper connection with themselves. 

what is included?

Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™ is a unique experience fully customizable to your wants and needs. The investment is $2,800 per month and includes:

  • Four 90-minute sessions per month in person or via phone call or Zoom

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support throughout your journey

  • Private, thought-provoking messages, questions, and tools provided throughout Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™

  • Gift bag with customized symbolic gifts programmed for your mind and body that will engage your senses and spark feelings of positive shifts and changes in your life (pictured)

  • Curated tokens to support Your Evolutionary Shift Journey™ provided throughout the program

Gift Bag Photo.heic

How do I get started?

Now that you have been invited to this unique and exclusive program, you can schedule your virtual or in-person interview with Coach Monique. The interview is about discovering if we are a good fit to work together, measured by time investment, openness to change, willingness to commit, and financial investment as Coach Monique evaluates your long-term commitment to yourself and doing the work to create an evolutionary paradigm shift in your life.

Contact Coach Monique to schedule your interview... Looking forward to exploring Your Evolutionary Shift Journey with you!

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