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Three Things You Can Do To Be More Connected Instead of Divided

We are in a digital age that can take up so much of our time and attention. The average person spends about three hours on their phone each day. Even more shocking, or maybe not so much anymore, a recent study found that we will spend about five years of our lives on social media. That is a serious amount of time that we could putting into our goals and relationships. So here are some tips you can take with you that will help you be more connected in your life instead of divided.

be more connected
  1. Commit to an hour of no phone use for each week. Even better, try it with your family. This can turn into game night or even a rule used during dinner. This allows less distraction and more conversation with the people right in front of you.

  2. While social media has great benefits, it also can be a pit of loss time. Instead of stepping away from Facebook entirely, use it to your advantage to reconnect with friends and get involved. Create an event for a new book or hiking club. If you’re going to use social media, utilize so that it enhances your life and gets you off your phone too.

  3. Instead of using your social media as your platform for your every grievance, make it a positive sounding board. When you surround yourself with positive thoughts and people, you’re less likely to be bogged down by the negative aspects of social media.

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