Redfin Partners – Tips for Small Apartment Living with Kids

Updated: Jul 6

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When Redfin reached out for us to contribute to their article on Tips for Small Apartment Living with Kids I thought, I don’t know where to even begin there are so many tips I’ve given throughout the 17 years of being a life coach and leadership coach. c You will save time and energy and reduce clutter in your home by only handling tasks when you have the time to finish them.

I hope you enjoy the other tips to help you and your kids enjoy small apartment living.

~ Coach Monique

Tips for Small Apartment Living with Kids

Small apartment living is one thing, but adding kids to the mix can make it all the more challenging. Organizing and storage is a must especially when it comes to small apartment living and It is important to create a space you are both comfortable in. We’ve gathered expert tips from all over the nation from San Diego, CA to Boston, MA, to share their insights on how to create a living space perfect for your family. From toy organization and getting your children involved in household activities, to cleaning methods and space-saving hacks, read on to see how to create a space that’s right for your needs.

Create an organization method perfect for your child

Sharing small spaces can be a challenge, as we all want our own space to call ours. Encourage kids to build their own autonomy around the space. Gamify picking up and organizing their toys. One way is to have them organize their toys differently each month and someone has to guess what the pattern is. The key is to bring joy and fun into the space. – Kamini Wood, certified Life Coach

Save space by letting kids play with items around the apartment

Kids love to model what you are doing, use your things, and have fresh things they haven’t played with before. Give them access to use your things instead of buying toys and switch them out regularly. For example, let them play with your calculator and packaged food instead of buying them a cash register and plastic food. – Rebekah Keizer, Life Coach

Choose furniture with built-in storage

To make the most out of apartment living with kids, you must use these mom hacks of clever storage solutions to maximize your space. Choose furniture pieces that provide hidden storage, like storage ottomans to hide toys. Also, be sure to utilize unused storage spaces such as behind doors, under beds, and behind sofas. – Mom Hacks 101

Break down cleaning step by step

Small living spaces can be easier for kids to manage – big spaces can overwhelm them. Help your child manage the task of “cleaning their room” by breaking up the job into small steps. For example, you might ask your 5-year-old to start by picking up 5 items off the floor and putting them back in the toy box. – Katie Malinski, Parenthood Understood

Everyone should participate with chores

Small spaces are wonderful for creating intimacy and shared experiences. One of the best ways to share small spaces with children and grow as a family at the same time is for everyone to participate in household chores. Taking time to help out in age-appropriate ways teaches responsibility, encourages everyone in the home to happily work for the benefit of the rest of the family, and results in a cleaner, less cluttered, and healthier home. – Truth Love Parent 

Encourage your kids to help in the kitchen

Having kids help in the kitchen is important for them and to share family responsibility – but it isn’t always easy in small spaces. Fix the elbow room problem by setting kids up at the table instead of the counter. It’s a better height for them anyway, and everyone will enjoy their time together more if it’s less stressful. – Kids Cook Real Food