Lets Face It, Most People Don't Need A Therapist, They Just Need a Change.

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Oct 27, 2014

October has been an amazing month for me.  To kick-off the month, nearly two weeks before my Big 50 Birthday, my husband, Larry and good friend, Lori, threw me the best  surprise party in the history of surprise parties.!  To say, I was surprised is a huge understatement….for 20 whole seconds, I just stood there dumbfounded.

Oct 21, 2014

Emotional Intelligence is one of the best indicators of success and happiness in life.  People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work, be better leaders, have higher degrees of accountability, have more positive relationships and in general, live happier lives.

Just like IQ,, everyone is born with EQ.  The difference is, your IQ remains relatively stable while EQ can be learned so you can get smarter with your emotions.

Here are 5 habits that set emotionally intelligent people apart:

What is a Life Coach?

A fitness coach gets you into physical shape. Coach Monique helps whip your life into shape so that you can:

Minimize: Stress, Worry, Anxiety
Improve: Mood, Sleep, Pain Management
Enjoy Better: Relationships, Productivity, Health
Overcome: Fears, Phobias, Limitations
Increase: Happiness, Mindfulness, Energy

There’s a lot of conflicting information and confusion about what a life coach actually is. Let’s clear things up right here and now. Life Coaching is NOT therapy. Life Coaching with Coach Monique is a fast-paced program that is "one stop shopping" for self-awareness, balance, self-empowerment and, ultimately, joy. All the work we cover is Easy to Learn, Easy to Use and Immediately Relevant.

Create a positive, permanent shift in your life.

Coach Monique offers Life Coaching skills that teach you better ways to cope with and enjoy your life!

All the programs Coach Monique offers are designed to enhance your life and provide a foundation for your happiness and success in your personal and career goals. Our programs deliver practical life skills and techniques that will empower you to make better decisions, resolve problems, reduce stress, and achieve a positive, joyful life balance.

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