Lets Face It, Most People Don't Need A Therapist, They Just Need a Change.

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Jan 27, 2015

If you are someone who consistently puts the needs of others before your own, whether it’s your kids, your spouse, your parents, friends, or co-workers, and often find yourself doing things that others can and should be doing, this article is for you.  If you rarely pitch in and help out, your life motto is “I Never do anything  I can get someone else to do” and you think the “extra mile” is a movie, this article is NOT for you.

Jan 19, 2015

To Shift Or Not To Shift…You Decide

Five potential shifts in viewpoints to release fear, confusion, and anger and expand your perspective for more peace, clarity and happiness.

Many people feel stressed and fearful about life and believe that other people or circumstances outside of themselves are responsible.  This is true not only from a personal perspective, but also on a larger scale.  A lot of people seem to be expressing concerns   that the life they are living is no longer working or is leaving them wanting for something deeper and more meaningful. 

What is a Life Coach?

A fitness coach gets you into physical shape. Coach Monique helps whip your life into shape so that you can:

Minimize: Stress, Worry, Anxiety
Improve: Mood, Sleep, Pain Management
Enjoy Better: Relationships, Productivity, Health
Overcome: Fears, Phobias, Limitations
Increase: Happiness, Mindfulness, Energy

There’s a lot of conflicting information and confusion about what a life coach actually is. Let’s clear things up right here and now. Life Coaching is NOT therapy. Life Coaching with Coach Monique is a fast-paced program that is "one stop shopping" for self-awareness, balance, self-empowerment and, ultimately, joy. All the work we cover is Easy to Learn, Easy to Use and Immediately Relevant.

Create a positive, permanent shift in your life.

Coach Monique offers Life Coaching skills that teach you better ways to cope with and enjoy your life!

All the programs Coach Monique offers are designed to enhance your life and provide a foundation for your happiness and success in your personal and career goals. Our programs deliver practical life skills and techniques that will empower you to make better decisions, resolve problems, reduce stress, and achieve a positive, joyful life balance.

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